Lowbed with 5-6-8 Axle

Lowbed 5-6-8 Axle has capacity between 70-150 tons. Pool type platform, flat platform and front loading types can be produced with a big production capacity.


5-6-8 axle lowbed is generally used for carrying 70-150 tons capacity loads. This type of lowbed can be both platform and pool type, we also have a flexibility on the specifications. We have different options for our customer's loads. With our technical stuff, we can manufacture high quality 5-6-8 axle lowbeds.


70-150 tons capacities.


Lowbed rack is welded by submerged welding machine from 20-25 mm x 200 mm ST52.3 quality steel bottom and top flat steel and 10 mm ST52.3 hub plate. It has "I" section and also includes 4 pcs. Rack is supported with 160 NPI axle beams that crosses rack. It has been produced in welding constructions with gas metal arc welding as "I" crossing from high resistant steel considering overloads proper to capacity and intended usage.

  • Total Lenght: 13000-16000 mm varies according to demand. Lowbed can be extendable.
  • Total Width: 2550 mm-3300 mm varies according to demand.


5 pcs Axles, each one is with 12-14-16 tons capacity according to the trailer drum or disc brakes, hub centric, with 10 wheel nuts, and automatic slack adjuster.


Manufactured with air or hydraulic piston from NPU with 160.


The WABCO or Haldex brand ABS or EBS brake system which is designed according to the European Standard is used. It consists of automatic brake ratchets, brake valves and brake bellows of 30.


It consists of automatic height adjusting system, parabolic Z leaf springs, suspension bellows, shock absorbers restricting extensive shaft movements and vibrations. Mechanical leaf spring suspension system.


24 V illumination systems in conformity with the International standards, lamp with 7 functions, and electric socket with 7 pins are used. There are traffic warning panels on the vehicles.


Consists of double cycle telescopic legs each of which has a capacity of 24 tons.


King pin compliant with SEA/DIN norms and manufactured from steel ( 42 Cr Mo 4 ) which is highly resistant to being cut, stretched and broken off is flange type and can be disassembled and assembled back.


20+1 tires are used with different dimensions. Dimension that we use are;

  • 315/80 R 22.5
  • 12 R 22.5
  • 11.00 R 20
  • 10.00 R 20


Water retainer mat, spare tyre carrier, wheel leaning mounting, fire extinguisher preserving cabinet.


Lowbed platform can be pool type

BPW, SAF, Gigant Axle drum or disc axle can be preffered.

  • Chassis and side walls group manufactured from imported metal heet ( Hardox or Domex ).
  • Aluminum Rims.
  • Tire mark upon request.


The surfaces are cleaned under high pressure with water and bonder chemical liquid. Then, it is dyed with one coat of epoxy die, and a last coat of acrylic die. It is very durable against chemical effectiveness. As desired, colours can be chosen from RAL codes.

Lowbed with 5-6-8 Axle
Lowbed with 5-6-8 Axle
Lowbed with 5-6-8 Axle
Lowbed with 5-6-8 Axle
Lowbed with 5-6-8 Axle
Lowbed with 5-6-8 Axle
Lowbed with 5-6-8 Axle
Lowbed with 5-6-8 Axle
Lowbed with 5-6-8 Axle
Lowbed with 5-6-8 Axle
Lowbed with 5-6-8 Axle
Lowbed with 5-6-8 Axle
Lowbed with 5-6-8 Axle
Lowbed with 5-6-8 Axle
Lowbed with 5-6-8 Axle