Road Sweper 8 m³

1.    General Specifications

  • It will sweep both right and left side by the control of the operator.(not simultaneously)
  • It will be able to brush the ground by spraying water against dusting.
  • It is to empty the garbage tank by tilting the body hydraulically.
  • Sweeping width will be 2200 mm (nominal).
  • Sweeping equipments will be driven by an auxiliary engine.
  • The auxiliary engine, fan, brushes and spraying equipments will be controlled from the driver’s cab.
  • The rear gate of the garbage tank will be opened/closed by hydraulically.
  • There will be beacons (1unit in front-2 at the top side), projector at both right and left side for night sweeping, and direction lamps at the rear side of the body for safety of other vehicles in traffic.
  • It will be possible to raise the body manually when needed.
  • The production of the sweeper will be suitable for highway traffic.
  • There will be a camera and monitor system for the operator to examine the right side equipments of the truck.

2.      Auxilary Engine

  • Auxiliary engine will be diesel type, 4 cylinders.
  • It will produce 85 hp at min. at 2500 rpm
  • When the oil pressure decreases, it will be able to stop itself automatically and if the temperature rises, the speed of the engine will turn to idling by disengaging the fan automatically.

3.    Fuel Tank

  • Capacity of the fuel tank would be 150 liters (nominal).
  • Truck’s engine and the aux. engine will use the same fuel tank.

 4.   Fan and Drive

  • It will be made of carbon steel and have multi-vane and self-cleaning type impeller
  • The fan impeller will be driven by the auxiliary engine via a disc type clutch and gear box. The clutch will be of automotive type for availability.

 5.  Engine Room

  • It will cover the engine and fan during working.
  • It will be an integral of the body and raises with it, so that the engine and the fan could be reached well
  • In lowered position, there will be sealing to exclude all dust from aux.-engine compartment. At the top of the engine room, there will be vents, supplying clear air, for the use of aux. engine and cooling of the room.  

6.      Suction System

  • To reduce the noise of the suction unit, the fan room will be isolated.
  • It will be carried by a couple of castor wheels and has the feature of increasing the gap to the ground by driver’s control.
  • The suction nozzle and the brushes will be able to rise up together automatically at the reverse gear.

7.      Brushes

        Sweeping will be performed by means of disc brushes located on both sides and a cylindrical middle brush.    

  • Side Brush(es):
  • The side brush will have 78 cm. in dia. at the tip and tines are made of steel (may be made of

polypropylene if required).

  • It will be equipped by kick-back mechanism and the pressure made by the brush to the ground is

  pneumatically adjustable.

  • It will be able to work independently from middle brush.
  • Side brushes speed will be able to adjustable.
  • It will raise and lower by pneumatic cylinder.
  • It will have safety latch.
  • Middle Brush:
  • The middle brush will have 400 mm. dia. and polypropylene tines and 1300 mm long.
  • To avoid conical wearing, the middle brush will have a unique design. It will not be carried by the truck chassis directly, but by a 3-point bracket, 2 points of which are carried by the axle of the truck.
  • It will be able to turn to the side swept automatically.
  • It will raise and lower by pneumatic cylinder.
  • It will have safety latch.

 8.  Water Tank :

  • It will be made of stainless steel (AISI 304) integrally with garbage tank. The water tank will be possible to enter in and clean the mud in it thoroughly which is very likely to precipitate in time, even the garbage tank is full with garbage.
  • It will have a volume of 1700 liters.
  • There will be a warning lamp and buzzer when the water level in the tank is too low.

9.    Watering System

  • All of the watering parts will be made of corrosion proof materials such as copper,brass,pig iron and plastic.
  • There will be a washing hose to clean the garbage tank.
  • The watering system on the brushes will be controlled by the operator in the driver’s cabin.
  • There will be at least 15 pieces of spray nozzles on the brushes.

 10.  Garbage Tank

  • Volumetric capacity of the garbage tank will be 8m3 (nominal). The floor will be made of stainless steel (AISI 304) and the other sides will be made of carbon steel.
  • The garbage tank floor will make an angle of 45 degrees at least to the ground when raised.
  • For the safety there will be a blocking valve on the hydraulic system of the raising and lowering cylinder of garbage tank.
  • In the garbage tank, there will be a screen big enough to be able to vent the air easily when preventing the sucked garbage to go into the fan.
  • There would be a wandering hose flexible and easy to use of 6 inches in dia and ca. 4.5 meters in lenght at the rear part of the sweeper . 

11.     Electrical System

  • It will have 12 volt, 2 units flash lights at the rear bottom sides of the body .
  • For safety, there will be a main switch disconnecting all electrical circuits on the superstructure when needed.

12.     Hydraulical System

  • It will work independently from the engine of the truck.
  • The hydraulic circuit will be designed so that the hydraulic pumps, motors and control valves will work together in harmony.
  • The pressure will not exceed 150 kg /cm2 in anywhere on the hydraulic system.
  • There will be filters in enough sizes on suction and pressure lines of the circuits.
  • There will be an efficient system to cool the hydraulic oil.

13.  Painting

  • The body will be sand blasted before the painting and then will be primed and painted. 

14. Safety Measures

  • CE regulations
Road Sweper 8 m³
Road Sweper 8 m³
Road Sweper 8 m³
Road Sweper 8 m³
Road Sweper 8 m³
Road Sweper 8 m³
Road Sweper 8 m³